10 things BUSY PEOPLE neglect the most

The world is changing. The people are getting too busy at their work. We are now enjoying a planned life from our childhood.However, we are neglecting these 10 small things which would cause a long term problems in our lives.We also suggested some ways you can follow in order to rectify them.

A research has proved that 3 out of 10 people frequently forget their house/car keys while going to work. This is because, they feel very stressed in early mornings about their office work and doesn't even care about their house or car.In order to avoid this, you can always keep your keys on a hanger above your door. or, you can also keep your keys in same pocket of your pants everyday so that, you can automatically remember your keys whenever you keep your hands in the pockets.

2.books and pens
Hardworking or busy people always write something to remember everything.But, they forget their notebook on their desk or somewhere else on the go. In order to rectify this, you can start using digital cloud notebooks such as, GOOGLE KEEP or MICROSOFT ONENOTE

Sometime the people keep money barely in their pockets and forget to keep in their wallets, which will cause a risk of loss while washing the clothes. Few times they even keep in some books and forget to check them again.this is because of some urgency while paying or buying. Instead, you can make a habit of checking every pocket before you remove your clothes at the end of the day.

Monthly bills are some big obstacles of busy workers which will disturb their work. They don't have time to pay in working hours. This cause a serious stress feeling.To make them don't interfere in your work, you can use online automatic payment systems like Google Pay to manage all your bill payments at the end of the month smoothly.

Occasionally we get some invitations from our friends, colleagues or family members for a get together or wedding ceremony. Though we have a lot of enthusiasm in attending them, we might stuck with an important work when the time comes and forget about the event. At the end of the day we would apolozise for our absence. This would cause some relational problems in our lives. To avoid this, you can use GOOGLE CALENDER and set reminders about the events according to your priorities.

30% of working people are single and have to maintain all household works alone. They keep something on flaming stove to cook, like pasta and continue to work in their bed room. They would engage entirely there and forget about the food till the smell of deep fries reach their nose. We can solve this problem by adjusting our working desk facing the stove and kitchen, so that it is easy for us to mange the cooking smoothly.

7.Cloth washing
The most commonly found thing among the workaholic people around the globe is that they don't give importance to their dress sense. They simply skip laundries and weekend washing of clothes. You can make a habit of washing your clothes every day exactly before the bedtime or in the early morning before the bath. This would also help you to get some time to think about the whole day or to make plans for the next day.

Remember always the phrase "HEALTH IS WEALTH". Most of us skip mid day lunch engaging in the office  work. This may cause us the long term risk of Diabetes or Nutrient Deficiency. You can keep a habit of eating mini snacks,like a piece of sandwich in the office whenever you got small leisure time. This would stimulate your brain to remember the lunch for your stomach and reminds you every time about it.

The more you feel stressed, the less the brain holds the capacity to remember the names of the people around you.This is not good for a healthy working relationships.If you find difficult to remember the names, you make a habit of writing diary every day about your work. This indirectly makes you to remember the names of people around you with whom you work and also makes you to check your work progress. You can use the GOOGLE KEEP for this.

It is difficult to maintain both our work and family at a time. Most people face difficulties in managing their relationships and friends while concentrating more on work. You should plan some short trips or some dinner parties at local restaurants every weekend to share your feelings up to date with the people you most wanted. This would boost you for the next week's work experience and also makes your people love you.
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