CAPTAIN MARVEL dont likes to be called as CAPTAIN MARVEL!!

Carol Danvers gets her powers after her DNA was fused with MAR-VELL's DNA during an explosion.
so, she becomes CAPTAIN MARVEL after the death of MAR-VELL according to the comic book (CAPTAN MARVEL 2012)

'CAPTAIN MARVEL' is an old fashioned name according to Carol Danvers.
In the edition, Steve Rogers (captain america) calls Carol by the name CAPTAIN MARVEL  and she hesitates to speak. later, she asks steve not to call her by the name CAPTAIN MARVEL.
she continues that the name 'CAPTAIN MARVEL' has became old fashioned. She asks Steve Rogers to call her as 'Mrs.Marvel' as she is in a grief of losing her partner MAR-VELL.
so, 'CAPTAIN MARVEL' is dedicated to the Mighty efforts of MAR-VELL, whereas Carol Danvers is the 'Mrs. MARVEL' by her passion and love.