Flash Thompson is the person who controlled VENOM!!

We know Flash Thompson to be a high school bully in Spiderman comics.Eddie Brock is known to be the popular host of Venom.But, according to THE VENOM (2011) series of comics, Flash Thompson would join the army by the inspiration from Spiderman.

After he lost his both legs in a combat mission of saving their commander, Flash had been experimented on by the Venom symbiote by the U N Army. They used to call Flash as 'AGENT VENOM'.

"A man's venom poisons himself more than his victims." - Charles Buxton
Using the Venom tech, Flash Thompson successfully completes many missions against the Crime-Master. But, the problem with the symbiote is that it can be controlled by the host for just fourty 40 minutes of time, and if the symbiote remained for more than that period, it completely gets bonded with the person and alter his state of mind as a deadly beast.

In THE VENOM(2011) issue #2, when Flash is on a mission to stop transportation of ANTARCTIC VIBRANIUM, the Venom symbiote remains inside him for nearly 3 days.. however, Flash manages to control it for his choices. But, when Peter Parker comes against his mission of saving Flash's wife Betty, Flash loses control on the symbiote and the Deadly beast creates havoc in the rest of the issues of THE VENOM (2011)

Venom movie is releasing this OCTOBER 9