Spoiler | AVENGERS' Time-Travel-Protocol has been hinted in Captain Marvel 2012!!

According to the CAPTAIN MARVEL (2012) issue #2, a strange phenomenon called as AVENGERS TIME TRAVEL PROTOCOL has been hinted where Captain Marvel strangely vanishes during a test flight and go back to World War II and meet the WOMEN SQUAD.

Captain Marvel at the beginning of the issue, takes an old WW2 plane and decides to break a high level flying record of the former captain Helen. When she reached highest point in sky, the plane gets a freezing problem and all the mechanism of plane wents down.

The plane is shown to be fallen, but the Carol Danvers opens her eyes in an unknown forest, where she had been caught by an army troop of World War 2.

This strange Time Travel theory has been hinted as AVENGERS' TIME TRAVEL PROTOCOL , and may be this is what we seen in the set photos of AVENGERS 4. we know that Captain Marvel is playing a major role in the film, and may be she would make AVENGERS travel through time by this Theory.