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According to Bhagavadgita, a person who avoids all the pleasures and self enjoyments is called a Brahmachari.
Dont simply underestimate that Brahmacharya means avoiding marriage...
Brahmacharya has its own explaination in Bhagvadgita. The Person who really wants to follow the Brahmacharya must follow these principles.

1. Should choose a teacher for life
The true practitioner of Brahmacharya should choose his/her life's teacher and follow the guidelines of the teacher in every aspect of life.. The teacher could be his parents, or a person with a qualified profession.. Choosing the teacher is also a tough task. The teacher who wants to guide a student should possess the qualities of a Brahmachari first.

2. Should not fall in the trap of senses
Senses drives a person in their way. a person always thinks and works in order to satisfy his own senses. The person who is following brahmacharya should not live to pleasure his senses, but to control his senses. living to sacrifice everything should be his motto.

3. Never seek .. nor avoid.
Expecting something in life would always ends up in a disappointment. Whereas rejecting and avoiding something will crush your opportunities and challenges, which are the sources of success. Rejecting something will also cause sadness in the people around you.
A Brahmachaari should not wish anything... nor avoid anything offered to him/her, including material and sensable things, to uneffect his/her feelings and satisfaction.


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