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One life... to live...
Two kinds of Mindsets (Positive and Negative), to think...
Three Phases (Childhood, Young age and Adulthood)... to see..
Four Directions (UP, DOWN, LEFT AND RIGHT) .. to choose...
Five senses ... to react..
Six working days in every week, to show what you are..
Seven Colours of a rainbow... to understand the beauty of Nature..
Eighth mightiest Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism... (Lord Krishna) to follow.
Nine Kinds of feelings... which makes this life complete..
Ten Digits that can count Endlessly... anything and everything.

Ask these questions to yourself before sleep everynight.

1. What is the new thing I learnt today?
          Life is nothing without learning new things every day...
2. Who is the new person I met today?
          Life gets a meaning when you are known to as many people around you..
3. How many times I smiled today?
          No one likes a sad / Confused / irritating face...
4. How many times I got anger today?
          Your angriness and harsh words infact does harm for you and also the people around you.
5. How many people praised me today?
           If you are getting more wishes or praisings, you are leaving an impression in everyones' life..
6. On which thing I felt pity today?
            Your best success infact comes from your greatest disappointment and sorrow.. Being pity towards the smaller things will make others follow you.
7. Did I helped anyone today?
            Helping others in their deeds makes us satisfied with our life..
8. Who is the person I forgot to wish today?
             Remember that, If you are neglecting / ignoring  a person, then you are hurting them mentally.
9. How much money did I spent today?
             Your carelessness is directly proportional to the amount you spend daily.. so, spend wisely and carefully.
10. How much healthy food I ate today?
              Junk food won't give you a happy and active future...
11. How many new words I learnt today?
              Learning new words helps to increase our concentration and a hope on life..
13. When did I got upset today? Did I became upset for the Right reason?
              If you are getting upset on anything, try to solve it.. If you can't, JUST LEAVE IT.
14. What is the thing which I forgot to do today?
              Small mistakes collectively result in a bigger Threat. Small Ignorances makes others find faults in you..
15. What is the most boring thing I did today?
               If you are doing something without paying concentration, that means that you need a holiday... or atleast a small walk to motivate yourself.
16. Whom did I hurt today?
               If you can't make others feel happy, how can you make yourself happy?
17. What are the questions that came to my mind today?
               If there are lot of questions in your head, then please, try to solve and find answers for those questions now.. otherwise, you won't get a proper sleep.

If all the questions gave you positive answers, then you are going in a right path in your Life...


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