How to treat the Stubborn Kids? | The 4th Way |

A famous saying is that God exists in cute little Kids and they are the messengers of God. Show hospitality, not violence and anger.
Every kid is not equal to a mature human being and cannot equally think as like you. Don't show your anger on them. Generally, children become confused of everything as they are learn.
Their mind is very stressful because of intense study sessions at school.

Sometimes, we often get irritated by their behaviour and words. Our anger reaches to peaks whenever they argue with us for some silly things. Becoming more anger and shouting on them would not control them and infact, it makes them more stubborn and careless.
We have to think from the view of the child and should not make our emotions get interfere at those times. Remember, they are like the mirrors of our words and actions. If we yell, they also try to imitate us. If we are careless, they would also become like that.

First, we have to make ourselves busy in our works and also should be very kind towards them, by answering patiently every question asked by them.If a Child / Student showing some disobedience in class, we should act neutral and try to engage him/her in a busy work to distract their mind.... Treat them like small cute stubborn rabbits..
Remember, Hatred and anger brings more problems. Love can create and change anything.