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These 11 steps of improvising yourself will make you stronger enough to face your challenges in Life.. These are extracted from the ancient scriptures of SHAIVISM, a widely followed way of life in ancient Indian History.

SAUCHA (CLEARNESS) : This means purity and clearness of  Mind, Speech and Body. Firstly, one should clear one's mind of confusions and stress. A realisation is needed and one should accept that this life is a temporary.One should control his flow of words and take care of them.. A person's character is reflected through his/her words. SAUCHA also teaches us to keep our body clean and tidy always. Simply, A healthy mind and a healthy body are the ultimate treasure in this life.

SANTOSHA (OPTIMISM) : This means acceptance of other's and one's own circumstances as they are and thinking with optimism. This makes a person stay happy and cool in all situations of life. Everything happens for our good sake, that's it.

TAPAS (WORKS THAT DON'T CARE DISTRACTIONS) : This means living a simple life without any over-expectations and enthusiasm. Doing one's work without any delay. To develop self-discipline and to practice Meditation regularly.

SWAADHYAAYA (SELF-STUDY) : This means to study about one's own self and to search for the meaning of one's own life. Thinking about own's own character and realising what is "Right" and what is "Wrong"... Self correction of one's own thoughts, speech and actions.

EISWARAPRANIDHAANA (CONCENTRATION ON SUPREME POWER) : This means accepting that the Supreme power / God is the controller of Everything and we should obey his rules on this earth, which is a gift from him. Self-surrender to the supreme power makes us to control all unnecessary things in life.

DAANA (CHARITY) : This means Generosity, Charity and developing character of Sharing with others.  Being kind to others always results in the upliftment of our feelings. Charity makes a person to avoid Selfishness and Greed.

SIDDHANTA VYAAKHYA SRAVANA (Listening / Reading to ancient Scriptures): This means reading / listening to ancient scriputures like Holy Bible, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata,etc which shows us the golden path to everything.

HRI (BEING MODERATE) : This means accepting one's own past life and to decide what should be done in present. Being unestimating one's self abilities. Developing Humility and controlling anger.

MATI (THINKING BEFORE DOING ANYTHING) : This means to connect our every individual thought and to apply on one thing. Thinking for a solution in many ways but to stay connected to our limits. We should not think beyond our Philosophies.

JAPA (REPEATING PRAYERS) : This means endulging ourselves in aloud prayers and philosophical gatherings.. This gives us a relief from our material life and provides a wonderful chance of connecting to Supreme power.

HUTA & VRATA (DOING SACRIFICES) : This means following Rituals / Sacrifices / Yagnas that will develop a self discipline and truthfullness.


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