Don't take Mirrors too seriously. | The Mirror Theory |

Man started talking to share his feelings with others. Man invented mirror to see himself how he looks like in front of others while he is talking..  But now, a small change. Mobile's front cameras replaced the mirrors..

Our day starts with a mirror.. but not necessarily ends with it. Because, at the end of the day, there is no need for us to show ourself to others. There is a special place for a mirror, in everyone's house. There is no home without a mirror.It's not weird that people want to look themselves on every reflecting surface. We all aware of a famous story in which a lion kills himself by seeing it's own reflection in water. Truly, a mirror can kill a mighty lion.

There are generally three kinds of people on this earth.
1. The People who uses mirror rarely on occasions
The best example of this kind of people is our own mother. She indulge herself in busy doing her family's works. She never think about her own looks, because, she sees herself in the happiness of a father and children in the home. That's where we fail to beat her.

2.The People who uses mirror once/twice in a working day
Our Dad is the best example for this. He uses a mirror to see himself how dignified he is in front of his boss and co-workers. His reflection could tell him how he is going to perform that day in front of others. Ofcourse, you can earn good money only when you look good to others.

In these above two examples, the mirror lost in showing its powers in defeating and distracting a person's life and career. Parents always prove that mirrors are just pieces of glass and we are far more than that.

3.The People who's life depends upon his looks in the mirror.
We find this kind of people atleast one in every home.  Generally these people, when they are alone, they catch a mirror and start make over their looks. These people spend nearly hours in front of the mirrors when they are about to go out to see the world.

Everywhere, they find some uncomfort when their looks get disturbed by small things like a drop of sweat. These people gives more importance to their outer looks rather than their career and entire life.

"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image. " a great line from ages. so, DON'T TAKE MIRRORS TOO SERIOUSLY. YOUR TRUE REFLECTION IS IN YOUR HEART.