Change this world as you like..!!! | The 4th Way

Why this happens like this? What is this non-sense? Who made this stupid thing? How dumb it is ... !!! 
Just don't stop after you question yourself... Question this society and this world.. Bring in the change you want, by sharing your stunning ideas..
Knock, and the door will be opened for you.. Ask, and it is given to you..

Human's are we... we are here to share the things among us. Humanity, in it's simplest form can be said as, the ability to share your idea effectively with this world.. 

A small idea from a single brain can create miracles if it reaches a million minds. It combines with the knowledge, acquires accelaration, creativity and innovation. May be we can't bring the change we thought.. but, someone, somewhere may get what we thought and start bringing the change we want..