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The word Durga literally means "impassable", "invincible, "unassailable". It is related to the word Durg which means "fortress, something difficult to defeat or pass".

Adi Parashakti

In Hindu arts, the fierceness of Durga's face is traditionally derived from the belief that she is protective and violent not because of her hatred, egotism or getting pleasure in violence, but because she acts out of necessity, for the love of the good, for liberation of those who depend on her, and a mark of the beginning of soul's journey to creative freedom.

Maha Durga
Destroyer of evil and Saviour of Humanity

"Durga" is also termed as "Adi Parashakti", The goddess of War. She is the warrior form of goddess "Parvati".

Mahishasura Mardhini form

Goddess Durga is said to be the saviour of Peace, Prosperity and Victory. She guides humanity towards the goodness over evil forces.
Durga is depicted in the Hindu historical books as a Goddess riding a lion or tiger, with many arms each carrying a weapon, often defeating Mahishasura (literally a buffalo demon).

Combination of Parvati, Saraswathi and Lakshmi

The three principal forms of Durga worshiped are Maha Durga, Chandika and Aparajita. Of these, Chandika has two forms called "Chandi" & "Chamunda". Chandi is of the combined power and form of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. Chamunda is a form of Kaali created by the goddess for killing demons Chanda and Munda.

Goddess Parvati in warrior form

Maha Durga has three forms: Ugrachanda, Bhadrakali and Katyayani. Bhadrakali Durga is also worshiped in the form of her nine epithets called "Navadurga".

Saraswati : The goddess of Knowledge

There are many forms for Durga in Shaktism and her nine appellations are (Navadurga): Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayini, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.

Statue of Chandi form of durga

A list of 108 names of the goddess are recited in order to worship her and is popularly known as the "Ashtottarshat Namavali of Goddess Durga".

One famous shloka states the definition and origin of the term 'Durga': "Durge durgati nashini", meaning Durga is the one who destroys all distress.