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Before acquiring superpowers, Steve Rogers(Captain America) is an orphan who is willing to join the nation's army. Whatever the situation is, Captain America observes everyone around and tries to view the problem in third person's perspective. He is not a man, who goes to battle ground simply after listening to someone's words. Steve Rogers cares for everybody and gives equal importance to all people. He fights for his followers, but also warns them if they are doing wrong.

Character Analysis | Steve Rogers (Captain America)

  • Steve was an orphan kid in his childhood, who wants to die for the sake of his country. 
  • He's a dude, who always stood up, look into the problem, and fight for the right, until his last punch. 

  • He's a caring friend of society and nation, who doesn't have any personal friends. 
  • Before becoming Captain, He is a person with very weak body, but filled with lots of courage.
  • He is the man who controlled his emotions and moved on...
  • Its not about how much strength he had... But, how he used it.
  • Its about a guy, who always gets ready to go alone, fights for the right, gets down.. but doesn't seek any help.
  • He's not always sure that he would win a war... But, he chooses to go into it.
  • He's a  Gentle-man who calls every lady as "ma'am" and gives respect whole-heartedly..
  • He's a man who lost all the loved ones he had.. 
  • After burying in ice and slept for nearly 75 years, Steve Rogers woke up in the modern world where everything changed. He is a man out of time. He's a person who adjusted himself in the world he is not familiar with.
  • Although he catches the nation's flag, he is not a "My country, whatever it is .." person. He opposed the government's ideals whenever it failed to meet public interests.
  • Upon victory, this man doesn't celebrate like every other heroes do.. Rather, he goes anonymous and do wood work like any other average man.
  • He protects his team-mates more than himself.
  • He knows his own capabilities and weaknesses. He doesn't think that he is a right-fit for every task. He assigns right duties for right people where there is some emergency.
  • His greatest powers are Honesty, Loyality, Integrity and Courage.
  • More-over, he can do something all the day, for the people who believed him.


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