Life lessons from Sita, the Ideal woman! | The 4th Way |

She had been grown up as a princess and her father Janaka was a great king... But she never showed Pride... In-fact, she decided to go exile and live in woods along with her husband Rama.. She never wished for a luxurious life... Sita stood as an example for the phrase, "Jewels doesn't make a woman beautiful!"...

Rama-Sita along with Lakshmana in DANDAKA forest


She was the wife of Rama, a normal human being..  After the couple went into the woods, sita was kidnapped by Ravana(a demon), the most powerful king of lanka.. That is the time, when demons are the rulers and the humans are the servants.. Ravana had lust on Sita and wanted to forcefully marry her!..  Ravana warned Sita, that he would kill her and her husband Rama, if she didn't agreed to marry him..
         The maids of Ravana felt pity on Sita. They advised her to agree with the words of Ravana, who was not only the most powerful demon, but also a great ruler. Sita, in-turn, negotiated Ravana. She challenged him about her husband Rama..
        Sita said to Ravana, that she was so confident that her husband Rama never breaks the promises he made to his believers. Sita proudly warned Ravana that Rama had promised to be with her until the end of his life. So, he would definitely come for her at any time to save her. Sita said Ravana to be prepared to face the anger of Rama and to meet the ultimate death!

Rama breaking the SHIV-DHANUSH(The bow of lord shiva) to marry Sita


        After being kidnapped and imprisoned by Ravana for ten months, Rama had saved Sita by killing Ravana.. Sita's face turned joyful after she again got to meet her husband after such a long time. Her joyful moments got broken instantly when Rama ordered her to prove herself and show her sanctity, as she spent such a long time in the custody of a demon like Ravana.
        It is a very intolerable situation when a woman got suspected by her own husband. Sita was a princess and got raised by a great man Janaka, who was known for his character. So, this order by Rama had made Sita, a brave by her broken heart!..

Sita proving her sanctity by sacrificing her body to fire-flames

        She decided to sacrifice her own body to the fire flames, in order to prove her sanctity to her husband. Amazingly, fire flames had not even touched the clothes of Sita, when she went into them and decided to burn herself!.. On seeing this wonder, all the people stood in astonishment. Sita was regarded as the most sacred woman from then, in Indian History and Mythology!

         In simple words, Sita is a sacred combination of Simplicity, Confidence, Obedience and invaluable Love!

A Portrait of Rama-Sita along with some companions in return to Ayodhya, after killing Ravana.