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Hinduism is widely followed from the ancient times in India. Later on, it spread towards the other parts of the world. A lamp (called as DEEPA in Hinduism) is the most important part of the rituals performed by Hindus.. But why they considered a lamp as the holy and the most sacred thing in their lives?

The Saucer of a lamp as the Human Body
The saucer for oil in a lamp is made up of clay in Hindu tradition. Similarly, a Human body is the combination of matter on this Earth, which contains the elements of Fire, Water, Soil, Air and Sky. Every being on this Earth compose and de-compose by the soil. Every person's physical body is buried in soil after the death.

The Fuel of lamp as the path of life!
Hindus use pure Ghee as the fuel for lamp. Ghee produces no smoke and ash that cause environmental pollution. Ghee also produces no odour while the lamp is lightened, when compared to other kinds of fuel. Ghee is considered to be the good and clean fuel as it is also used as an ingredient in Hindu foods. This fuel makes the lamp more sacred and holistic. Similarly, a human body should be filled with a good fuel for it's development. It means that we have to fill our guts with good food that does not cause any kind of side effects. Hindus prefer vegetarian foods on holy occasions. They also avoid using excessive oil and spices in their dishes. In order to make our bodies clean and pure, we have to avoid junk foods.

A lamp in Hindu tradition
In another version, Ghee in the lamp is a representation of good thoughts and actions of a person. In order to make our body pure and valuable, we need to fill our daily routine with good habits.

The Flame of a lamp as the Purpose of Life!
The flame of a lamp consumes fuel and converts it into the bright light that spreads around. Flame fills light in the scary darkness. We often compare Truth and Knowledge as light, whereas Lies and Unawareness as darkness. A person with a good habits and life style, will spread his Knowledge around and establishes Truth in the world.

When the saucer is filled with Ghee and lamp gets lightened, the flame is to be protected from the blowing wind. If the flame turns off by the action of wind or any other force, leaving the fuel in the saucer, Hindus consider it as a warning from God. They consider it as the Death. After all the fuel gets exhausted in the lamp, the flame gets dull gradually and ultimately turns off, under no action of any other external force, which is considered to be a happy ending of the life.

The life cycle of a lamp is compared to the life cycle of a person. We all are like these lamps. We don't know when our flames turn off. All we have to do is fill our minds and bodies with good fuel and protect ourselves. Hence, A lamp is the main thing in every Hindu ritual which is a mini representation of the Human Life.