Is Earth a Living Organism?!

Earth, a planet, is a non-living thing. All the plants and animals which are living things, are produced by this Earth. Sun, a star, is a non-living thing, which became a power source for all these living things. Universe is endless, where living things born from non-living matter.. The question is how the LIFE created in this LIFE-LESS Universe?! If the Universe has life, and if it's a living thing, then how can we say that there are also non-living things in this Universe? Are we Alive or Life-less? 

If we are said to be as Living things, by our biological organs and  processes like Circulation, Mobility, Growth, Respiration, etc., then the Earth also have its own organs... The Fire, The Water, The Wind, The Soil and The Light. The Earth also have its processes... The weather, The Rain, The Thunder, The Rotation and the Revolution.  The Earth should also to be considered as a Living thing.

The idea that the Earth is alive may be so old... The ancient Greeks looked on her as a goddess. Before the nineteenth century even scientists were comfortable with the theory of a living Earth. James Hutton, often known as the father of geology, said in the 1790s that he thought of the Earth as a superorganism and that its proper study would be by physiology.

Hutton went on to make the analogy between the circulation of the blood, circulation of the nutrient elements of the Earth and of the way that sunlight distills water from the oceans so that it may later fall as rain and so refresh the earth.

A geophysiological system always begins with the action of an individual organism. If any action is locally beneficial to the environment, then it can spread until eventually it results in development. Earth always operates like this to achieve her own development. There is no foresight or planning involved. The reverse is also true. Any species that affects the environment unfavorably would become extinct from this Earth, but life goes on...