Pleasure and Happiness : a comparison

When you have a delightful dinner along with your closest ones, you would feel so much excited at the end of the day and that feeling is said to be as Pleasure.

When you donate some food to the people who can't afford to buy it, then your mind says Thanks to you, which infact, said to be as Happiness!

Watching your favourite movie in TV, when you are feeling stressful or bored, gives you pleasure.

Spending time with children or conversing heartfully with old-aged people gives you happiness which can't be given by an all-time favorite movie.

When you go to a temple or church in a weekend and perform rituals there, you find yourself got pleasured...

When you try to understand the problems of homeless and disabled people around those temples, and try to give them some comfort, you would feel the emotional tears coming out of your eyes, which is an indication of Happiness..

Even though you enjoyed all the day long, but at the end of the day, if your mind feel something is missing for it, and you feel somewhat unsatisfied, then you are said to have got pleasured.

When you enjoyed for just a small time and have got infinite satisfaction in your mind at the end of the day, also, if you feel confident on yourself, then congratulations!!. You have understood the meaning of Happiness 😉❤️