Three goddesses who have the ability of solving the world problems!

In present day world, we have numerous problems... We have diseases that have no cure, poverty that never gets chance of upliftment, unemployment which kills dreams of millions, hunger that raises cries in the society.. 
There are three goddesses in Hindu scripture, who can abolish all the problems if they just wish to.. They are Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga. What are the specialities of these three goddesses and how can they change the world?

Goddess Saraswati, the symbol of Knowledge

Goddess Saraswati is the symbol of Knowledge in Hindu culture. She brings the hope of light in the endless darkness... Who ever possess knowledge and wants to learn something, they can solve their own problems and also can curb all the problems of others by sharing their valuable ideas.. Even the deadly diseases like Ebola, Corona and even Cancer can be cured..

Goddess Laxmi, the symbol of wealth and warmth
Hindus pray for Goddess Laxmi in common.. They believe that she would provide everything they wish for, like money and luxuries... If really she thinks that all her devotees must be blessed with countless money and luxuries, who will be dying on this earth just because of hunger? who will die homeless?

Goddess Durga, the symbol of Justice
Goddess Durga, the symbol of Justice, is the one who fights on the side of right and establishes peace and prosperity. We are humans and we don't feel shameful to commit a crime.. People forget humanity when they are driven by money.. People infact lives for the money.. Money creates needs and needs create crimes! If Durga thinks seriously for a fraction of second, all the criminals on this Earth would get vapourise instantly, and we might get somewhat scared to commit a crime from next time!

All we need to do is just wait for the people who are driven by these three goddesses.. We have to look for the people who's life is worth a thousand books, whose hands are ready to give and serve for the needy and whose thoughts can bring revolutionary changes!.. When these people evolve in our society, we can see a whole new world!