3 Golden Rules for girls on this Women's Day

A very happy and inspiring Women's Day to all the mothers, sisters, teachers, care-takers, revolutionists and to all the little daughters, who are the only hopes for their parents.

Society is the place where people judges you by your behaviour. India is the place where women are respected. In India, once women were considered to be the weak and less useful for running a family.
Thanks for the Human Rights, that at present, girls and women are given equal opportunities in various fields. But, to evolve completely as a successful and ideal person, women should know the cultural foundations in this modern world.

Your dress sense reflects your ambitions. A girl's outfit is the one which can fetch reputation to her. Dress beautifully and professionally. When you are going out, always take care about your outfit. Your dress is the first impression in others' minds. Avoid make-ups and skin damaging cosmetics. Successful women in our history didn't applied make-ups over their skin. Beauty lies in your service, not in your outer appearance.

Always speak the truth, good and useful. Speaking gossips would fetch you unwanted problems. Rumours disturb you in the path of achieving goals. Remember that, Weak people talk about the other people around them... Average people talk about events, whereas strong people talk about the ideas that change the world.

Stay healthy, stay focussed and stay happy!! A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Eat, sleep and exercise properly. Share your emotions with your family. Take one idea and make that idea as your dream. But most importantly, remember that no one can make you happy. It's only you, who can fill your mind with joyful thoughts.

The voice and power of Women Empowerment!

You are presented with this beautiful life as a woman. You have the power to change this world, or atleast your family. Make this Earth as beautiful as your heart!! Once again, a very happy Women's Day.