Can't wait for something?

Patience is a challenge for most of us. It is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated or upset. It is being able to control your emotions or impulses and proceed calmly when faced with difficult or frustrating situations. Is it a good thing or not to let the things happen in their way and watch them till the end?

The word patience is derived from the Latin word ‘pati’ which means to suffer, to endure or  to bear something.

Patience is not easy to attain. In today's world of 'instant everything', technological advancements and readily available credit have allowed us to obtain, experience, and consume practically anything we want, almost immediately. We are like, “Why should I need to wait for this thing?”
Well, if we want to reach our goals, have successful relationships and achieve personal peace, the answer is an absolute ‘YES’!

Anything which is worthyful and of importance may not take place right away. It takes time, dedication and effort to achieve. Right Things always happens at Right times!! So even in this day and age, patience is a virtue.

The Benefits of Developing Patience:
Reduces stress levels and makes you a happier and a healthier person. When you learn and practice patience you don't get as angry, stressed or overwhelmed. You are more in control of your emotions and in a better position to deal with difficult situations with ease and poise.

Results in better decision-making. When you're patient you take the time to know about the situation, see the big picture, and weigh all the pros and cons. The chances of making a big mistake lessen because you avoid making it after enhancing it better. Taking time to solve problems requires patience.

Helps to develop understanding, empathy and compassion. You are automatically more understanding and compassionate with others when you are patient. Patient people are able to determine what it takes to overcome obstacles so they can understand more about others. This results in better, more fulfilling relationships with spouses, friends, children and bosses.

Helps you to understand and appreciate the process of growth. As the old saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day." Planning, growth, evaluation and measurement all take time, and taking time takes patience.

Tips on How to Develop Patience:
Take a day for yourself and make patience your goal for the entire day. Take your time and think about everything you do. Be mindful and live in the moment. At the end of the day, observe  all the ways in which you've made smarter decisions, got along better with others and actually understood what took place. Also observe the moments which made you intolerable.. Practice this technique daily. Developing patience is much like physical exercise because it requires persistence and effort.

Slow down. If you have the tendency to rush around and try to hurry things up, want things done immediately and can't wait for things to happen naturally, STOP. Take several deep breaths before you act or make a move. For example, if you're in a long lineup at the grocery store or in heavy traffic, make the decision to pause and not get worked up. Do some isometrics, listen to the radio, or just enjoy the view. Getting impatient won't make things move along any faster, so why get worked up for nothing?

Avoid instant pleasures. When you want to reach for that dessert, second drink, or buying your tenth pair of red shoes, stop and think about it first. Is it really that much important for you at that time? Maybe you don't need or want any of them right in that moment. You can save yourself some money or added calories.

Practice thinking before you speak. Sometimes we express the first thought that comes into our heads without considering the consequences. If we're patient, pause and go over what we want to say, we can avoid hurting or offending others. This would also strengthens the relationships.. Sometimes, silence is better than talking rubbish.

Situations for which patience is a must: 
  • Reaching life goals
  • Losing weight
  • Becoming a professional career person such as doctor, lawyer, engineer
  • Becoming a top athlete
  • Becoming a pop star!
  • The healing of any wounds or illnesses
  • Getting over loss or tragedy
  • Getting a job and developing your career!


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