Pictures that describe Coronavirus outbreak in 2020

Below are the pictures, that are shared in Social Media, during global Coronavirus(COVID19) outbreak.. The pictures describe the major situations around the world, and the impact made by the virus on humanity...!
lots of sanitation measures are taken around the world..

A public serviceman supplying toilet paper in COVID19 affected region.

a 3D artwork, that shows entire world, covered with a protective mask to avoid spreading of virus.

World Health Organisation declared a Global Emergency during COVID19 outbreak..

A cartoonist, described the situation, where all the world religions came together and left their hopes on Science.

A funny drawing that reflects the care shown by our loved ones...

An awareness message, saying to STAY HOME to prevent spreading and save yourself from virus!!

A funny cartoon, showing the virus affected Earth on a hospital bed

Indians pay tributes to all sanitation workers..

an awareness picture describing the response measures taken by the minister of Uttar Pradesh, India.

A brave pilot, who risked her life by flying to Corona affected country, to bring back the people of her own country..

When the people are in panic of Virus, this picture is describing about the millions of children, who are dying of hunger!!

Several territories and regions around the world declared LOCK-DOWNs to prevent spread of COVID19.

An awareness poster telling people to Stay at home and Save themselves from virus.

The time when the people of science became the super heroes!

Lot of companies and billionaires around the world, started donations in response of COVID19

For every hundred years, a disease is spreading around the world to consume thousands of lives!!

Picture showing a COVID19 affected mother and her son!

Soldiers and rescue forces, telling people to stay at homes!

Doctors and Nurses are compared to Super heroes worldwide!

The picture that tried to create a hope!

Lot of doctors risking their lives to treat COVID19 affected people worldwide..

The world's first LOCK-DOWN by lord Sri Krishna to save humanity, according to the epic, Mahabharata

A satellite image showing the decrease in levels of harmful Nitrogen Di-Oxide levels in air, due to shut down of factories and transport in China..

Everyone started putting on protective masks..

The saddest picture of a COVID19 affected person in China, who asked his doctor to let him see the Sunset for one last time, before he dies..

LOCK-DOWNs everywhere and streets are monitored by armed forces to avoid public gatherings and prevent spread of virus.

Empty roads all around the world!

Sanitation workers fogging the streets.

Birds are freely flying around the streets, whereas the people went into Self-Isolation.

People started prayers for world in Social media!

Celebrities started creating awareness of sanitation and preventive measures, through YouTube.

Google started awareness and preventive tips on COVID19

A heart-touching news, where some old-aged people found died in their beds in a oldage home, due to lack of proper care, during the outbreak of COVID19.