Creative drawings that reflect an artist's Imagination

What happens if every creative idea arises in your mind and is immediately put on a canvas or drawing paper? This is an extraordinary work created by one of the great artists from the Netherlands. The results are very amazing to you, sometimes beyond our imagination, His imagination just flowed like river water indeed very fantastic!

Redmer Hoekstra Dutch artist based in Elst. Between Arnhem and Nijmegen who has almost 7.5 k followers in instagram account, graduated from the Art Academy Zwolle (ArtEZ) in the Netherlands, as a visual artist and illustrator.

"I made these drawings using fineliners. What I like about working with ink is that it is final, and there is no correction. The images flow from my mind. Things I see in my day to day life morph into my little surreal reality that makes me laugh, admire, and marvel. It makes me reflect on the things I do and why I do them in that particular way. Every person makes their own reality, whether they know it or not. I like to make people aware of that by exaggerating reality. But also, just make them smile". He said.